FAQ & Balloon Care

Please follow our balloon care guide so you have the pleasure of enjoying your balloons for as long as possible in a safe way.

Balloons go POP

I use the highest quality of balloons, as I want you to enjoy your balloons for as long as possible.
Once the balloons have been delivered it is out of my hands on how you look after your balloons, but I would advise if you plan to attach your balloons anywhere that there may be a textured surface, lights or even a unusual surface, that you check with a balloon or two first to see if its going to be fine and not pop yours.

Balloons & Temperature

Balloons should not be left anywhere to cold or hot, helium balloons will expand in the heat which could cause your balloons to pop. Helium/ foil balloons will deflate slightly in the cold but should re-inflate once in the warmth. The best advice I can give you is keeping your lovely balloons in an even temperature enviroment, so you get to enjoy them for longer.

Balloons, young children & Pets

Balloons are so colourful and inviting to children, but can not be mistaken for toys as if they pop they can be choking hazards, so for this reason children should not be left unsupervised if under the age of seven. Please be aware that pets should be kept away from balloons as much as possible as ribbon can accidentally be easily tangled around them as well as if a confetti/ feathered filled balloon or another balloon pops and the animal tries to digest the eye catching content of the balloons or balloon pieces. Be sure to dispose of any popped balloons as soon as possible so any hazards are less likely to happen.

Balloons & The Environment

Once your balloons come to the end of their life or you are ready to dispose of them, please cut the base with scissors and remove all air or left over helium before putting them in a bin. Remember to be kind to our environment by not realising balloons. Balloons that are not disposed of properly can end up in our sea life, which can be mistaken for food causing choking hazards.
All my latex balloons are biodegradable so if we all do our part we can enjoy the beauty of balloons for all occasions, but in a environmentally friendly way.

Foil Balloons

The fantastic Terracycle run a foil balloon free recycling programme so please click on their logo at the bottom of the page to find out more information and to find your nearest participating location to make a drop off.